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Villa Keliki Poolside Bar
Villa Keliki Wedding DJ
Villa Keliki Wedding Party

Every wedding is an unforgettable experience; if you tie the silken knot at Villa Keliki, it will be remembered for all the best reasons. The isolation of the estate filters out the noise of the modern world and puts the intimate event at the center of a verdant world, forever fresh and young. No extraneous element will be admitted that might divert the couple, their families and guests from the joyous occasion. The layout of the villas gives four family groups a large degree of independence from each other, providing private refuges for preparation and recovery from the ceremony. Villa Keliki’s large, state-of-the-art kitchens can provide for a full staff of chefs and servers all the resources of a world-quality restaurant. Finally, Villa Keliki’s secluded position, protected by a high stone wall on the roadside, greatly enhances security and thus the privacy of a nuptial celebration by a couple with a high media profile.

Villa Keliki Poolside Dining
Villa Keliki Wedding Dance Floor
Villa Keliki Wedding Dinner
Photos courtesy of Veli Photography